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By Toby Allen


I have feelings that everyone hates me and have bad intentions. I just had a dream that literally everyone i met hated me.

Recently people have told me how i look attractive and i notice i get more looks from strangers now but deep down inside my low self esteem flips ot all.

In my dream i was back in virginia and it was close to halloween so i was looking for party city.. For some reason i walked through this plaza and it led towards my aunts car .. A bunch of kids from my old city were in front of it doing a rap session. A guy opens up the back seat and i slide into the backseat and immediately open the door on the other end with one foot out… A bunch of old people i knew got into the car behind me … They had a blunt. At the point im outside the car. They asked if i wanted to smoke. I said no i go alittle crazy.

(In real life for some reason ive hit a point where i have paranoia whenever i smoke. It mostly began when i took this brownie from some friends and we smoked)

I told him no and noticed this guy show up next to me… I gave him a fist poind and everyone and left …immediatly when i began to walk to look for party city i heard them talking . I turn around to see this butch girl i use to know from my old neighborhood this person was telling her yeah he started talking like you and etc and she was looking at me and agreeing and was saying how she saw everything on twitter .. I was lost but i kept walking.. A side angle of me shows and im attractive model looking with a jean jacket.. While walking this guy walked past me and spit something towards my shoes … I kept walking and saw all the stares from everyone … This taller muscular black guy came up got a glass bottle of lemonade and away… Then he turned around and threw it at my head .. He missed… I immediately began launching bottles at him. One hitting him and two more skimming him … Then he throws more back and misses terribly each time except this metal piece that hit me in the head..

Idk why this happens to me..



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Pawel Kuczynski’s satirical art. Take a moment to look at these properly.

Now THIS is worthy of being one of my favorite posts of all time on tumblr.

Holy wow

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